Remodeling Bellevue for More Than 50 Years

Bellevue Remodeling by Windham Construction

A Long History of Happy Homeowners

Bill Windham Begins Remodeling Bellevue Homes in the 1950s

Bill Windham was born in 1914 in Elba, Alabama, to William and Daisy Windham. He grew up working for his father in the logging industry and continued in that endeavor until 1941, when he left to join the Army and was stationed in Morroco. In 1945, Bill met Laurize, a young Minnesota farm girl, and after a whirlwind engagement they were married, moved to Elba and started their life together.

In 1950, it cost Bill just $5,280 for a three-room house on three acres of land on SE 140th Avenue in Bellevue.

In 1946, Richard “Dick” Windham was born, and in 1948 a sister was added to the mix. That same year, the family decided to be adventurous and move to Seattle, where Bill took a job as a lumber grader and millwright. In 1950, the family moved to the “country” in Bellevue, where Bill accepted a job as a carpenter and continued in that trade through the late ’50s, when he decided to go into business on his own, later incorporating as Windham Construction Inc. in 1962.

Dick Windham Continues the Family Tradition of Excellence

Dick Windham was raised with a good work ethic. His father said to him, “If you want something, you work for it. And if you do a good job, the money will take care of itself.” He started out working with his father when he was old enough to carry tools. At age 11, he was a caddie at the Glendale Golf Course and picked blueberries in the summer until he was age 13, when he took a job after school at Galbraith Lumber Company until age 16. From age 16 to 18, he worked for Boise Cascade Truss and Component Company and his father’s business.

As a caddie at Glendale Golf Course, Dick would earn as much as $6 a day.

Dick graduated from high school in 1965 and went to college until 1967, when his father became terminally ill. At that time, he left school and helped with the business until his father died in 1968. Too many loose ends in the business prevented Dick from going back to college, and he was encouraged by his father’s employees to continue on as head of Windham Construction. Dick accepted the challenge.

After 44 years as head of Windham Construction, with more than 3,000 projects completed, along with hundreds of customers and friends, we believe he made the right choice.

Long-Time Employees of Windham Construction

•  Joe Ascherl — lead carpenter and project foreman, has been with the company 36 years.
•  Monty Sayler — lead carpenter and project foreman, 35 years.
•  Lori Eggers — bookkeeper and secretary, 23 years.

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