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Fireplace Remodeling

Do you feel stuck with an undesirable fireplace? It may be badly smoke-stained, too large or small for the room or just plain outdated. It might clash with the rest of your home’s interior or not efficiently heat your home. Don’t consider it hopeless, however. Consider a fireplace remodel.

The look of an existing fireplace can be substantially changed, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Some fireplaces can be resurfaced with manufactured stone or tile, or otherwise creatively updated.

If you don’t have a fireplace and are looking to add one, we can make sure you receive a hearth that will be a perfect fit for your home. A fireplace is an important element in the design of a house — it’s a work of art, and it can be artfully crafted and installed to fit in with whatever look you desire.

At Windham Construction, we offer more than 50 years of experience — an experience enriched by high standards in craftsmanship, faithfulness to our customers’ needs, and creativity in discovering solutions to problems. You will find us ready to give advice, but committed to carrying out your final decision, going out of our way to satisfy the smallest details.

We love taking up a challenge and surpassing our customers’ expectations, and we work hard to craft all the details important to you into one comprehensive design. In our hands, your fireplace will blend in beautifully with the rest of your home — a centerpiece for your home’s overall look and a focal point for family and social occasions.

If you are tired of putting up with an unpleasant fireplace and desire to add a magnificent touch to your home, contact us about a fireplace remodel. It will open up possibilities you may have not yet considered.

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