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How Service Makes Us Different

We Won’t Monkey Around With Your Remodeling Project

We think our customers deserve a contractor who pays attention to detail and won’t turn a blind eye to imperfections. We think they deserve a contractor who will be accountable to what they
promise. And we think they deserve a contractor who listens to what they want, no matter how unusual or seemingly insignificant the idea might be.

At Windham Construction, we are different from remodeling contractors who hurry onto the next project. Perhaps you have met contractors like this. For the purposes of this illustration, we will call them Can’t See It, Won’t Listen and Won’t Call Back.

‘Can’t See It’ Contractors Ignore Details. Our Execution Is Thorough and Complete.

We’ve been able to stay in business for more than 50 years precisely because we are precise. Nothing is worse than contractors who pretend not to see their sloppy work. We carefully and efficiently execute every detail important to you in your project. If that means making sure your oversized French doors have large brushed-nickel hinges that the box stores will never carry, that’s exactly what you will get. Whether the detail work on your project can be found through our extensive supplier connections or we craft a solution in our shop, you can rest assured it will happen. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

‘Won’t Listen’ Contractors Ignore What the Homeowner Really Wants. We Listen.

We never want to be the contractor who takes you and your ideas for granted, asserting we know exactly what you want because we’ve “done that before.” Some of our most memorable projects are those in which the customer has requested a unique feature that would never have occurred to us. If you have an idea for something unconventional, try us. We enter each remodeling project, big or small, with an open mind and the confidence that we can achieve the homeowner’s vision.

‘Won’t Call Back’ Contractors Leave With the Paycheck. We Build Lasting Relationships.

Our goal with each project is to acquaint ourselves with another satisfied customer who feels comfortable picking up the phone to chat. We won’t ignore your calls weeks or months after the project if you happen to notice something doesn’t look quite right or isn’t working as you expected. We also won’t try to dodge any promises made at the beginning of your project. We will answer any questions you have at any stage of our work, and we are more than happy to talk with you about key aspects of your project whenever you have any concerns. Finally, each project will be considered finished only when we have accomplished everything you have asked us to do.

Sick of Monkey Business?

At Windham Construction, we're different from most full-service contractors because we emphasize service. Learn how our dedication to service makes us different.

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