Remodeling Bellevue for More Than 50 Years

Bellevue Remodeling by Windham Construction

Welcome to Windham Construction

Windham Construction is a full-service, design-and-build remodeling company based in Bellevue, Washington. We have been remodeling homes for a total of 50-plus continuous years. The ownership of the business by the Windham family spans three generations and is currently headed by Richard Windham.

As Bellevue's premier remodeling contractor for more than five decades, we have built a reputation of trust and excellence in the community and look forward to serving you.

Your Bellevue Remodeling Contractor

While other remodeling contractors have come and gone, Windham Construction has been remodeling Bellevue homes for three generations. What has allowed Windham Construction to build a lasting legacy with Bellevue homeowners? The answer lies in trust and commitment.

Bellevue homeowners trust Windham Construction to deliver time and time again. Many of our customers are repeat clients — homeowners we served in years past. These homeowners often want us to do a new renovation in the same home we once remodeled, or they have moved into a new place and want us to replicate the level of service and craftsmanship we once delivered, this time in a new location. Customers who aren't repeat clients are frequently referrals from satisfied homeowners who know that a dear friend or family member will be able to trust Windham Construction.

Windham Construction is defined by its commitment to the homeowner. First, we take as much time as necessary listen to the homeowner, discussing with them the changes they want to see in their living environment. Second, we go to great lengths to find solutions that do not compromise but actually fulfill the complete vision expressed by the homeowner. Finally, our commitment to the homeowner is best displayed in the details and overall quality of the finished work we deliver.

We have been committed to our customers and the Bellevue community for 50 years. We would be honored if you let us serve you along the way to another 50!

Sick of Monkey Business?

At Windham Construction, we're different from most full-service contractors because we emphasize service. Learn how our dedication to service makes us different.

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